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Privacy Policy

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Online Risk Notices

We are committed to ensuring that we protect and mitigate online risks to our clients, partners and businesses when providing our services.


It is important to be aware that there are significant online risks posed by cyber fraud, scams and other online criminal activity. We take these online threats very seriously and comment on some we are aware of below:


Please be careful of any fraudulent domains that appear to be our website, containing our name, logo, branding, or information.  We only have one ‘Law Team’ website domain which is You should verify any domains with slight alterations to our website link listed before interacting with them.



Please be aware of emails where third parties may impersonate our staff or company branding.  Law Team will only send legal and business communication with ‘’, or our staff will send emails containing their first name, ending with the email domain of ‘’. 

Phone number

Please be aware of phone calls and numbers that operate outside of Australia or is not our legitimate office number claiming to be Law Team.  Please note that our business only operates in Australia, and you will only receive Australian affiliated numbers or from our office phone number 02 8331 9930 and 13 55 29.

Identification and Banking

Please be aware of people impersonating to be Law Team to obtain your identification, banking, and payments information.  A few ways people might do this is through fraudulent claims, invoices, incorrect bank or trust account details.


Always phone first

Solicitor's email accounts and bank account details are currently being targeted by cyber fraud.  To keep you safe we ask that you confirm any information (particularly relating to banking details) via phone. 

To clarify, we will not change our bank account details via email, nor will we ask that you provide us with bank account details via email.  We do not accept responsibility if money is transferred to an incorrect account. 

We recommend that you confirm all account details with a person you know to be from Law Team, in person or by phone.        

What to do if you suspect fraud

We note that we are not fraud investigators or technology wizards.  We acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses, and use advisors and systems to help us where we can.  If you are unsure about our details, or suspect you are a victim of any online fraudulent activity, scams or from any other criminal activity associated with Law Team’s name, please get in touch with us. 

We also recommend getting in touch or finding out more information with the Australian Financial Security Authority, the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre, Crime Stoppers Australia, or your local police force.

Confidentiality and Privacy

As a law firm, we aim to protect privacy of personal information and data.  We are committed to maintaining confidentiality, legal and ethical requirements, never exploiting any personal information or data obtained, and only using it in accordance with privacy regulations, our Privacy Policy and any other related policies and procedures.​

If you require any further information about the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles, you can visit the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website (see

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