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proactive legal solutions to

future-proof your business

Business Law - Proactive Solutions to Futureproof Your Business

Translating complex legal documents

Do legal structures, contracts, agreements, and patents make you want to put your head in the sand? Not us. We can help you get all the right legal documents in place so you can put your head to good use in your business. 

Business Law contracts

Agreements to prevent future problems.

Business Law legal guidance

Legal Business Structure

Contract Reviews and Drafting

Business Law contract templates

Intellectual Property 

Business Law intellectual property advice

protect your business now

so you don't have to defend it later

Hiring a good lawyer is crucial to every successful business.

Law is the staple that helps businesses grow. 
But for many start-ups, entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators

the complexity of law feels confusing and overwhelming.

We understand. And we’re here to clarify it.
From legal structures and contracts to trademarks and IP

we keep business law super simple.

Our proactive approach will help you make sound legal decisions

that protect your dreams and hard work.

get your legals in order
and safeguard your business

What do you do with an idea? You care for it, nurture it, protect it.

It’s the same with a business. 

Making sure your idea, business or brand doesn’t infringe on

someone else’s rights or breach any laws at the very beginning

is the key to success

If you’re being sued, it’s too late, but with Law Team in your corner from the start, you can set your idea free knowing it’s legal.

Have a business idea but not sure what to do with it? 

We’re always inspired by our clients’ brilliant ideas. And we love helping them become a reality.

Our number one response when they ask us what to do with it?

Nurture it.

Business Law Documents

custom legal solutions
for a flat monthly fee

Business is booming, clients are coming, opportunity knocks,
but are your legals sorted? 
Having a legal team to support you at every stage of your business journey will help you stay on the right side of the law as your brand grows. 

Our business legal subscriptions are designed to meet you where you are. 
Whether you want your legal solutions mentored, solved for you, or with you, our value-packed fixed rate packages will help you confidently take the next legal steps (without any hidden costs). 

mentoring you

$150 per month

12 month plan

This is for anyone starting out, re-branding, or taking their business in a new direction. You don’t need your hand held, but you want a legal team who knows your business and can give you some guidance. 

Legal Health Check
Legal Strategy Start-Up Plan & Pack
1 'Ask the Lawyer' Calls Per Month
1 Quarterly Law Team Meeting
2 Templates *

solved with you

$600 per month

12 month plan

Ladies and gentlemen, this is for you if you need straightforward legal support (nothing too tricky), and you’re happy to complete questionnaires while we provide the advice.

Legal Health Check
Legal Strategy Start-Up Plan & Pack
3 Ask the Lawyer calls per month to ask legal business questions as they arise
Legal Strategy review every 4 Months
4 Legal Templates *

solved for you

$900 per month

12 month plan

You’re focussed on growing your business and need your Law Team to have your back no matter what arises. Our most comprehensive package where everything is done for you in. Documents done? Check. Questions answered? Check. Peace of mind? Check. 

 Legal Health Check
 Legal Strategy Start-Up Plan & Pack
Ask the Lawyer call to ask your business questions as they arise and delve deeper into multiple issues if needed.
Legal Strategy Review Every 2 Months
7 Customised Documents
+ 25% Discount On Additional products.

Not sure which is the best subscription for your needs? Ask us. 

Custom Legal Solutons
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