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Law Team - Future Planning Legal Services

future planning services

What will you leave behind for the next generation?

What seeds are you planting in a garden you’ll never see?

Your legacy grows with each new experience, each new bold idea, each new courageous business or investment move.

And Law Team’s future planning services can help you protect it.

Because while you can’t control the future, the right legal framework, tools and documents can keep it safe.


your personal legacy


Wills - Protect Your Personal Legacy

Have you been putting off getting a will?

Wills are the single most important document to ensure what you’ve built goes into the right hands, and your children are cared for by a guardian of your choice if something happens to you.

And yet, more than 50% of Australian adults don’t have a valid will.

Properly prepared and witnessed, they ensure your wishes are carried out after your death, and can reduce disputes or ambiguity among heirs.

Power Of Attorney
Power of Attorney

Ever thought about what will happen if you’re no longer able to care for your business, property or assets?

A Power of Attorney is a legal  document that  allows  you  to appoint  someone to manage financial and  legal decisions on your behalf if you become ill or are injured and no longer able to make legal decisions.

Planning and having the conversations with someone you trust now, can make it easier in the future if something happens to you.

Enduring Guardian
Enduring Guardian

There may be a time in your life when you need someone to make important decisions about your health and lifestyle for you.

If you experience a temporary, indefinite or permanent loss of decision making abilities, an appointed Enduring Guardian can start making the decisions for you.

An Enduring Guardian is a  legal  document, so by appointing  someone of your own  choosing,  you  can  rest easy knowing  someone you  personally  trust  will be calling the shots, rather than leaving it to chance or the government.

Advanced Health Directive
Advanced Health Directive

Have you let your loved ones know which health treatments you want or refuse if you become seriously ill or injured?

More specific than an Enduring Guardian (which should be your first port of call), an Advanced Health  Directive or Living Will lets you provide specific directions for specific scenarios such as:

  • Who would make medical decisions for you if you’re unable to do so

  • What values, goals and preferred outcomes you want for your life, and

  • The treatment you would like or refuse if you have a life-threatening illness or injury.

your business legacy


Shareholder Agreement
Shareholder Agreement

How do your shareholders know their responsibilities, what they can and can’t do, how the business should be run?

The best way to provide clarity on shareholder roles, rights and responsibilities in different scenarios, such as the death of an owner, is with a Shareholders Agreement.

If you’re going into business with someone, taking on a partner, or splitting ownership of your company, it’s a necessity to protect your interests, and prevent messy legal situations and disputes later on. Like we always say, prevention is better than cure.

Deed Of Accession
Deed Of Accession

Has your company grown?

Have new shareholders bought into it?

When new people buy into a company, it issues them with shares and they become shareholders.

However, the Shareholders Agreement is only binding to people who agree to it and sign it.

That’s where the Deed of Accession comes in. It’s a simple legal document that new shareholders sign to bind them to your companies’ existing Shareholders Agreement, giving them access to voting rights and issue or sale of shares.

Employee Option Plan
Employee Option Plan

Have you considered offering your employees shares or options to acquire shares?

Employee Option Plans (EOP), Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP), or Employee Share Scheme (ESS) are a great way to reward and retain employees whose dedication, expertise and talents are crucial to your business.

If an employee accepts your EOP, you’ll need to make sure you have a detailed and well-structured plan in place that’s compliant with tax laws and inclusive of tax deferral clauses.

Future Planning Documents
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