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Call Before You Pay Policy


Law Team has implemented the 'Call Before You Pay Policy' to protect our clients and other individuals from the effects of cyber fraud. 

Cyber-Criminals are intercepting emails and changing account details - especially targeting Law Firms.  In order to limit email interception, we have implemented a strict, call before you pay policy. 

Questions to Consider

Prior to confirming any account details verbally, Law Team / You must consider and confirm the following questions: 


  1.  Did you speak to the person on a number you have called them on before?

  2.  Have you spoken to the person on this number previously?

  3.  Are you familiar with the person's voice and certain that it is the person you intended to transfer funds to? 

When YOU are transferring to US:

Prior to transferring any funds to Law Team, please follow these 6 simple steps below:

  1. CALL Law Team directly on 13 55 29;

  2. NEVER rely on a phone number that has been supplied in an email in the event that it has been altered by a third party;

  3. Upon calling CONFIRM LAW TEAM'S IDENTITY, before proceeding; 

  4. Be CONFIDENT you know who you are speaking to - feel free to ask us questions! 

  5. READ OUT LOUD the account details you wish to confirm, and have Law Team repeat them back to you; and

  6. MAKE A DETAILED NOTE for your own benefit. 

When WE are transferring to YOU:

Law Team will undertake the following steps, prior to transferring any funds to you:

  1. When a matter is in its opening stages, Law Team will inform you of the 'CALL BEFORE YOU PAY POLICY', emphasising that all transactions require verbal confirmation of bank account details; 

  2. FIRST obtain your best contact number by checking your file, and asking a colleague to verify that is the correct number. Then call that number to confirm bank account details; 

  3. We WON'T rely on a phone number that you have supplied in an email in the event that it has been intercepted or altered by a third party; 

  4. Upon calling, CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY and personal details, before proceeding;

  5. Be CONFIDENT we know who we are speaking to; 

  6. READ OUT LOUD your account details, and have you repeat them back to us to confirm the details are correct; and

  7. MAKE A DETAILED FILE NOTE in the matter, including: 

a.  Details around how we know your name and number and whether you are known to us personally; 

b.  The name of the individual we spoke to;

c.  The number of the individual we rang; 

d.  The BSB and Account Number; and 

e.  Whether you verbally confirmed the details. 

If you have any questions in relation to this policy, please contact our office.


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